Lighting Control

Hybrid Systems introduced LUMICEL as a first in series of products in lighting control.  The advent of LED applications to most lighting needs of commercial and residential buildings, entices companies such as ours to constantly look for ways of making energy usage at its optimum.  Variety of sensors are needed to accomplish this.  LUMICEL offers a compact version two sensors a passive infrared sensor and a photocell to allow minimally needed feedback for lighting control.

Future products in the form of intelligent sensors that are stand alone in operation or  work with robust, secure and easy to use software platform to supervise and control lighting in factories, buildings, shopping centers, parking lots, airports, street lights, etc are on the horizon. Hybrid Systems is committed to be a well established supplier for the lighting control industry.

Mesh network capability for wireless communication and control using ZigBee standard protocol is an established market and Hybrid Systems is using this technology to advance their products in multiple configurations and markets.