About Us


Hybrid Systems Corporation was established in 1985 as an innovative, flexible and dynamic small company offering a wide spectrum of research, development, engineering and manufacturing services in electronics, controls, instrumentation, actuator and power technologies, targeted for small to medium -volume industrial, medical, aerospace and consumer markets. The company has since grown into having a solid line of diversified products, including brush and brushless motor control systems, electomagnetic drilling mandrel shrinkers, microprocessor-based controllers, power, analog and digital modern electronic systems, instrumentation and other devices and components.


Hybrid Systems Corporation seeks to tap into the creative energy of its young work force within the company, to broaden our engineering know-how in designing state-of-the-art and unique series of products for the next decades to come. This is summarized into the following focused areas of activity:

  • Smart Motion Control Devcies
  • LED based lighting Fixtures and Controls
  • Wireless Communications
  • Smart Devices for Tooling Industry
  • Smart and Advanced Sensors used in  multi-parametric measurement devices


Hybrid Systems Corporation has a simple but wisely put mission statement that comes from ancient proverbs from a group of people in the world’s cradle of civilization.