Sensor Development

Ultrasonic Multi-Parametric Measurement Sensor

These multi-parametric and multi-dimensional sesnors are used in monitoring and preventive maintenance systems. Sensors are capable of mapping entire volume of target environment for measurement in a complete xyz and time domain coordinates. These sensors are rated for low temperature ,<250 C, environments and also harsh environments where temperatures are >500 C. Optional configuration of senors for radioactive environments are , also, available. Contact factory for more details and a discussion of your application.

Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

Motion sensors based on Passive Infrared Reflective technology are used in automated detection and a corresponding command action configurations.  These sensors use either analog or digital sensing elements to perform the detection.  Customized devices behavior parametric settings are available to define system behavior according to user requirements.  Contact factory for more details and discuss your application for best choice of sensor.

Capacitive Touch Sensor

This class of sensors are widely used in consumer products to provide user interfaces.
Hybrid Systems designed its capacitive touch sensor technology utilizing Microchip PIC microprocessors family’s on-chip; Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU).

Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Sensor

Ultrasonic distance measurement sensors are operated with our special embedded software to enhance measurement repeatability and resolution. Contact factory for more details.