Motion Control

Hybrid Systems has over 25 years of exposure to motion control applications.  We have had variety of motors with specific feedback controls implemented in order to offer the most optimum performance and functionality for the target application.

Below are a list of applications that over the years our company has been involved in:

  • Packaging industry – Tape dispensing with accuracy of 0.025″, using encoder signal as feedback source and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) drive using a brush type DC motor.
  • Floor Sanding – A hand operated (1 h.p. capacity) floor sander application for a brushless DC permanent magnet using our brushless drive with special patented resident software and electronics for device safe operation.
  • Aircraft Passenger Comfort Units (PCU) – Specialized control module with a 4 axes motion control for synchronized deploy and stow configuration of a business class PCU that used brush motors and encoder signal feedback. Current sensing of specific motions was particularly important for safety of passenger seated.
  • Flash Blasting – A 30,000 RPM application that propelled fine particles to remove flashes left on a molded/die cast parts.
  • Sports Industry (Amateur and Professional) – We have been involved in providing controls in the sporting industry well over 22 years.  Type of equipment covered are baseball, softball, volley ball, tennis, football and soccer pitching machines. These machines have great demands in high school, college, and university athletic programs as well as professional arenas of the related fields. Latest, developments have been utilizing servo mechanisms and full HMI for convenient use of the machine.
  • Precision Aircraft Paint Spray – Two digital servo controllers with high resolution encoder signal feedback using brushless 24VDC motors controlled the weight ratio of  catalyst to base mix-up that, after the curing time needed by the process, would spray a precisely composed aircraft fuselage primer paint on the body of the aircraft.
  • Medical Devices (non-invasive)
  • Centrifuge Industrial and Medical