BLT Single Motor Brushless DC Control

P/N 99531

Electrical Specification

Input Power: 80 t0 250V AC or 28 to 380V DC, 15A

Output Current: 14 Amps cont, 18 Amps Pk

Speed: 10K pot or Isolated input, 0-5V DC,  0-10V DC

Span: Adjustable

Auxiliary Inputs: Forward/Reverse - Run/Stop

Mode of Operation: Two quadrant Soft Start/Stop, Microprocessor controlled, PWM 18Khz, Open/Clode Loop

Efficiency: >91%

Protections: Current Limit, Averaging loss of voltage short circuit, Lock rotator

Current Limit: Adjustable

Mechanical Specification

Temp Range: 0-50 deg C operating, -30 to 65 deg C storage

Dimensions: 2.25"H x 1.75"W x 5.5"D

Finish: Black Anodize

Terminations: Quick connect tabs

Weight: 1.0 Lbs

Cooling: Natural Convection, Must provide forced cooling for 3/4h.p. or higher applications

Product Sheet