BLT Single Motor Digital Servo Drive

P/N 99600

220VAC model available.

High production quantities are available

Electrical Specification

Input Power: 120VAC, 15A

Output Current: 14 Amps cont, 40 Amp Pk

Operation Mode: RS232 or Stand-alone

Speed: 5K pot or Iso Analog input 0-5Vdc or RS232 input

Accel/Deccel: Programmable

Digital loops: Current, velocity, position

Sample Rate: 100uS min, Programmable

Auxiliary Inputs: 4 digital inputs. isolated programmable functionality

Auxiliary Outputs: 3 digital outputs, isolated programmable functionality

Commutation: Halls four quadrant or sinusoidal

Encoder: A, B, Index differential or single ended max counts 4096 pulses per revolution 5V dc at 150mA

Status Indicators: Power Good LED, Amp enable LED

Protections: Current Limit, Loss of voltage, Temp cut off, Short circuit, Locked rotor, E-stop, Fused input 16A/250V

Regneration: Optional with external dumping resistor

Mechanical Specification

Temp Range: 0-50 Deg C operating -30 to 65 Deg C storage

Dimensions: 2.0"Hx4.0"Wx5.0"D

Finish: Black Anodize

Terminations: IEC screw type T.B. High Density I/O conn.

Weight: 1.0 Lbs

Cooling: Natural Convection or forced cooling for 1/2 h.p. or higher applications

Product Sheet