Shrink Fit Mark II

With Patented Universal Tool Holder P/N 99380

Shrink Fit Process

Shrink Fit technology has been around for many years and increasingly growing in demand. The process is simple, it works by utilizing a tool holder that has an inside diameter that is smaller than cutting tool shank itself. By rapidly applying heat to the tool holder, the inside diameter of the tool holder expands allowing the tool to be installed or replaced with ease.


HAAS Automation, D&D Tool Supply, Mazak, B&B Manufacturing, Parlec

Electrical Specification

Input Power: 3 PHASE 208V AC, 28A

Output Power: 10 KV A

Mode of Operation: Pre-set for plug & play

Protections: Line Voltage spikes, Loss of voltage, 3 Phase line filter, 3 Phase Circuit Breaker

Features: Tool out in less than 10 seconds, Easy to use, E-stop, Fan cooled oil, No shop air, no liquid coolant used, Repeated use 200+ daily, Rugged tool holder side rail, Will operate near Heavy Machinery

Mechanical Specification

Temp Range: 0-50 deg C operating , -30 to 65 deg C storage

Tool Sizes: 1/4" to 1 1/4" dia

Tool  Holder Types: BT40, BT50, CAT50V, CAT40V, HSKH63, HSKH100etc.

Dimensions: 12"H x 22"W x 14"D

Finish: Rugged industrial finish

Weight: 67 Lbs

Product Sheet